Air Bonsai "ARITA Series"
鬱金 -UKON-
Limited Quantity : 5

[Limited One Time Offer] Only Available from March 19th –April 9th

[Estimated Time of Delivery] June 20th-30th
Attention: Dates are set in Japan Standard Time

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Price : 150,000 YEN

CREATE YOUR “little star”

The “little star” is a DIY kit for transplanting your favorite plant from your country.

  • *Air Bonsai will take 3 months from Order to Delivery as each product will be handmade.

  • *Shipping is available to the United States, Canada, and Japan Only at this time.

  • *Air Bonsai is a MTO (Make to Order) product and Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden will not accept cancellation, refunds, and returns after purchase.

Air Bonsai is designed with a blend of Japanese historical culture and modernistic touch. Each product is respectfully Hand-Made.
“energy base”
The Kanji, “UKON” defines Prosperity in Japan. Thus, the color is popular for “Wealth and Good-Luck”. To create this refined texture and quality for this piece, the devoted artisan repetitiously coats color on the porcelain, a skill polished through temperance.
[ Front ]
[ Top ]
[ Bottom ]

“little star”
[ Moss ]
[ Lava "FUJI" ]

*Moss and Lava are all made with natural materials and will all vary in size and shape.
[ Lava ]

Also Includes
[ "zabuton" ]
[ AC Adapter ]
Includes an AC Adapter fit for your country’s power socket standards.

Air Bonsai includes the following items:
"energy base", "little star" Lava "FUJI", "little star" Lava,
"little star" Moss, One-of-a-kind Cushion,
AC Adapter, and an Instruction Manual.
“little star”
・The “little star” is powered by a built-in magnet. *Does not float on its own. (Needs an “energy base” to float)
*Does not include a bonsai or plant.
・The sponge inside the Moss allows transplanting of any small sized plant.
・Floats 1 cm to 2 cm above the silver plate of the “energy base”.
・The maximum weight for levitation is 300 g.
・The size of the Moss and Lava is 7 cm to 8 cm in diameter.
*Moss and Lava are all made with natural materials and will all vary in size and shape.
・Recommendation: Use a plant shorter than 15 cm
・Please nurture your plant and Moss in an appropriate environment.
“energy base”
・The “energy base” is the levitation device powered by a built-in magnet.
・Includes an AC Adapter fit for your country’s power socket standards (UL, CE, SAA, BS).
・The porcelain is made by Japan’s infamous Arita-Yaki. *Breakable : Please handle with care.
・The cover is a silver plate.

Delivered in a “Kiri” Box
Since the ancient times, the Japanese people have been using the “Kiri” Box, made of Paulownia wood, for various occasions. One of them is to send special gifts. The Air Bonsai will be wrapped in a traditional cloth and will be delivered in a “Kiri” Box, traditional Japanese style.
The One-of-a-kind Cushion, “zabuton” used for resting your “energy base”, cushion are made with fabrics from the Taisho Era, 1912-1945. A “zabuton” will be randomly chosen and sent by Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden, and each customer will receive a different pattern and design. We kindly ask for your understanding. We hope you will enjoy your One-of-a-kind “zabuton”.
The Porcelain Potteries, Lava stones, Moss Balls, and “zabuton” are meticulously crafted and produced by dedicated artisans in Japan.
The Making of the “little star” Lava
Lava accumulated from the symbolic volcanic island, Sakura-jima of Kagoshima Prefecture, is used to make the “little star” Lava. Sakura-jima is still an active volcanic island and explosions occur from time to time. The island is blessed with naturally pure white and light pumice. Each “little star” Lava is handmade with much care.
The Making of the “little star” Moss
Moss produced in the beautiful mountainside of Yamagata Prefecture, is used to make the “little star” Moss. Each “little star” Moss is handmade.
The Making of the “energy base”
The handcrafted porcelain are made in Arita-Machi of Saga Prefecture. The “Aritayaki” has a history of more than 400 years and the tradition and culture still continues till this day. Rich soil and the ideal environment and situation to produce a specific shape and color of porcelain from this kiln has been highly valued from all over the world. Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden is truly blessed to be able to share these creations.
HOW TO TRANSPLANT A PLANT into the “little star”
This is a video to show how a plant is transplanted into the “little star”.
We hope you will plant your favorite flower or plant from your country and nurture with love.
Image of Bonsai Variations
*Not for sale
Frequently Asked Questions
Please make sure you have an understanding of the product before making a purchase.
  • Shipping Information
    Q:Which countries do you ship to?
    Currently, we only ship to the United States, Canada, and Japan.

  • Product Information
    Q:How long will the "kokedama" stay alive?
    The "kokedama" will continue live with proper care.

  • How to Use
    Q:How should I water the plant?
    Please take down the "little star" away from the "energy base" before you provide water. Do not expose the "energy base" to water.
  • After-Care
    Q:Can I remove the warranty sticker?
    No. Please do not remove the warranty sticker. The warranty is completely void if the sticker is removed.

  • Purchase Information
    Q:How long will it take until the order arrives?
    Arrival of your order will take approximately 3 months after the month of order. Because we use natural products, we may encounter a delay due to natural causes and disasters.
Product Specifications identified below
“little star” Moss
SIZE :Diameter ± 7 cm to 8 cm
WEIGHT :± 200 g
“little star” Lava
SIZE :Diameter ± 7 cm to 8 cm
WEIGHT :± 300 g
“energy base”
SIZE :Diameter ± 15 cm ×
 Height 6 cm
WEIGHT :± 1.4 kg
VOLTAGE :110 V – 240 V
FREQUENCY :50 Hz – 60 Hz
OUTPUT :12 V, 1.5 A, 18 W

WEIGHT : 3.6 kg

All Air Bonsai are Hand-Made upon each order received and therefore ALL delivery will be 3 months from the purchase date.

CAUTION: All Air Bonsai products are made by natural materials. The weather condition, status of raw material accumulation, and natural disasters may alter the shipping schedule. The “little star” are also made from natural materials, therefore, they may come in different size, color, and shape. Although the size and shape may look different from the sample photos, this will not effect the function of the “little star”.
Air Bonsai "ARITA Series"
鬱金 -UKON-
Limited Quantity : 5

[Limited One Time Offer] Only Available from March 19th –April 9th

[Estimated Time of Delivery] June 20th-30th
Attention: Dates are set in Japan Standard Time

Price : 150,000 YEN

Please read the Idea Concept of our Art thoroughly and carefully before you Agree and Purchase.
Hoshinchu is an Art Project. Please understand that “little star”, a figurative symbol of our Earth, floats on the “energy base”. Please be aware that this Art is not easy to set up and maintain. But we believe in the Beauty of Air Bonsai and happy to share it with everyone.

The balancing nature of the “little star” and the “energy base” resembles our planet Earth. Earth will lose its balance due to environmental changes from both natural causes and unmindfulness of humanity. It is important for all “star people” to realize the causes and strive to keep our “little star” balanced. We believe sustainability will keep our “little star” to radiate. To enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts, Air Bonsai teaches us that conscientiousness is important.

Once you have purchased Air Bonsai it will be the buyer’s responsibility to set up and keep it levitating. We give you detailed instructions on how to set the Air Bonsai and keep levitating, but because each “little star” is unique, adjustments must be made accordingly. We are responsible to test each item thoroughly before shipment. We are also responsible for the delivery of each component in working condition, but not responsible for the set up or proper functionality with your added plant.

It would be amazing if everyone enjoys this project and shares in our excitement.

I agree to read the instructions carefully in order to understand how to set up my Air Bonsai. If I do not read the instructions and follow the steps carefully, I understand that my “little star” may not float, may spin too fast, and/or may fall down after a few minutes.