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Please read the Idea Concept of our Art thoroughly and carefully before you Agree and Purchase.
Hoshinchu is an Art Project. Please understand that “little star”, a figurative symbol of our Earth, floats on the “energy base”. Please be aware that this Art is not easy to set up and maintain. But we believe in the Beauty of Air Bonsai and happy to share it with everyone.

The balancing nature of the “little star” and the “energy base” resembles our planet Earth. Earth will lose its balance due to environmental changes from both natural causes and unmindfulness of humanity. It is important for all “star people” to realize the causes and strive to keep our “little star” balanced. We believe sustainability will keep our “little star” to radiate. To enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts, Air Bonsai teaches us that conscientiousness is important.

Once you have purchased Air Bonsai it will be the buyer’s responsibility to set up and keep it levitating. We give you detailed instructions on how to set the Air Bonsai and keep levitating, but because each “little star” is unique, adjustments must be made accordingly. We are responsible to test each item thoroughly before shipment. We are also responsible for the delivery of each component in working condition, but not responsible for the set up or proper functionality with your added plant.

It would be amazing if everyone enjoys this project and shares in our excitement.

I agree to read the instructions carefully in order to understand how to set up my Air Bonsai. If I do not read the instructions and follow the steps carefully, I understand that my “little star” may not float, may spin too fast, and/or may fall down after a few minutes.